Stormwater regulations – the sequel

After listening to extensive comments during its November 5 public hearing, the Planning Board has given itself a couple of weeks to review the input before voting on adoption of proposed stormwater management regulations for the town.

The rules, when adopted, will become part of the board’s site plan review regulations, which are used in evaluating commercial developments and subdivisions. They are also explicitly referenced in a proposed rezoning article for Route 28 north.

Roger Murray, representing the Lake Wentworth Association, presented the board with detailed comments regarding what he indicated are still shortcomings in the regulations’ ability to deal with new development proposals.

Richard Masse then identified what he said are problems with the way the rules would assess impervious surfaces, which are usually viewed as the primary cause of stormwater runoff.

Carl Crosley asked the board to explain how the town would carry out its obligations under planned reviews of stormwater mitigation facilities.

The board resisted some initial attempts to implement the regulations in their current state, with revisions to be put off to some indefinite future date. Instead, the panel agreed to continue the public hearing and to precede it with a work session at which it will consider the input.

Those activities are likely to take place at the board’s next meeting, set for Tuesday, November 19, at the Wolfeboro Public Library. Sessions usually begin at 7 p.m.

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