Route 28 rezoning proposal set for last hearing

The proposal to rezone two commercial areas along Route 28 in Wolfeboro Center is scheduled to go before the public one last time on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 7.p.m. at the Wolfeboro Public Library. The hearing is before the Planning Board board, which initiated the rezoning article.

The proposal would rezone to mixed commercial and residential uses two already-developed areas along Route 28. The first is the commercial complex around the West Lake restaurant; the second is a group of properties that includes the Trites automotive facility, Parsons Furniture, and Bly Farm, a small commercial strip, and a storage facility.

The current commercial zoning for these areas would permit a host of uses that planners say would be detrimental to the area, including the waters of Lake Wentworth. Area residents and others concerned about the impact of expanded commercial uses have managed, over the past two years, to reduce the number of permitted uses that they consider potentially detrimental to surface waters and to nearby residential neighborhoods.

A lingering concern regarding the proposal is the amount of impervious surface that it would allow. While the article contains a 40% limit on such surfaces, it relies on a definition of impervious that would appear to exclude a number of materials whose performance is unclear.

Also expected to arise during the public hearing is the continued allowance for inns in the proposed zone. Since the town’s definition allow such facilities to to contain over 50 rooms, nearby residents and others have expressed a concern for the potential of such large facilities to create disturbances such as have been reported elsewhere in town.

The latest draft of the rezoning article can be downloaded from here.

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