It ain’t over ’til . . .

. . . the fat lady sings — and she isn’t ready to do that yet.

So there will be at least one more open Planning Board hearing on the proposal to rezone Route 28 north. The session on Nov. 19 brought out about a half-dozen speakers, most of whom expressed concerns about some of the uses that the new zone would allow. Top on that list were inns, which, in Wolfeboro, could mean a facility of up to 50 rooms. The concern expressed was that such a large facility would be disruptive to the area being rezoned — that is, the business complex around the West Lake restaurant and the set of properties running from the intersection of routes 28 and 109 down to the Wolfeboro Storage facility on the south side of the road.

The Planning Board eventually voted to remove some some uses that might pose a threat to the area’s surface waters: photofinishing establishments, laundromats, and dry cleaning businesses.

Also, in a vote of 4-3, the board voted to remove inns as a use permitted by special exception. Members Kathy Barnard, Stacy Pope, Chris Franson, and Vaune Dugan voted to eliminate inns, while members Paul O’Brien, John Thurston and selectmen’s representative Brad Harriman voted in favor of retaining them.

Because the presented proposal was changed substantially by the removal of various uses, it requires another public hearing, which is now scheduled for Tuesday, December 17. There’s concern that an attempt will be made at that time to once again change the article, this time re-inserting inns as a use.

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